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  • June 2018
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Menu Mondays

The man and I have decided that we need to sit down every Sunday and prepare a weekly menu. Here are some of the reasons why we are doing this:

  1. Both of us have a case of the mysterious disappearing feet.
  2. Placing my tongue on the roof of my mouth during pictures no longers pulls up my second chin.
  3. It will save money by being able to shop different grocery stores for items on sale.
  4. I will not have to stop EVERY night at the store on the way home.
  5. It saves time.
  6. We do not need to have panicked texts at 4:30 every day trying to decide what we want for dinner.
  7. We will no longer get frustrated with the response “IDK what do you want”
  8. Because we aren’t frustrated we (I) won’t respond with “whatever I don’t feel like thinking about lets do Taco Bell”
  9. It will provide a steady flow of lunches

Below I will list links to the weekly menues by date. As always let me know if you try anything!



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