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Who is this chick and what does she know about cooking?

I’m a 27-year-old wanna be kitchen diva with OCD and without a clue from small town Pennsylvania.

 When my husband and I first met my culinary skills began at Hamburger Helper and ended at pork chops that could substitute for a leather shoe. We survived on what our parents sent home in Tupperware containers, which of course make up my current Tupperware collection!

About a year into our new home, when my feet disappeared below my inner tube like stomach, I realized it was time to make use of all those kitchen wedding gifts we had stocked in the garage.  Taco Bell was going to have to find another source of revenue. The problem? What the heck is a rice cooker and why do I have one?

I was lost. Nervous and had no idea where to turn. I’m way to proud to ask for help! So I turned to the trusty Google to find recipes, tips, tricks and product information to help me find my way to home-made meals.

Did you know that you can not cook kidney beans in a slow cooker? I didn’t know. An eventual post on the ins and outs of Crock-Pot-ery will explain this in detail.

Did you know that a rice cooker can be used for a million different meals? I thought it was just for rice! Nope, there is are few cook books dedicated to rice cooker meals.

While the title is Kitchen Beginnings, this may not always be about the kitchen. We also enjoy crafts and home projects, which always lead to their own hilarity between the Man and I. We have done much in the last year and each activity was a learning process with many mistakes and holes.

You wanna know about the above mentioned OCD, right? It’s hereditary. We ALL have a quirk. Mine begins in the kitchen and ends everywhere else. The food on my plate cannot touch; it just can’t, don’t rationalize it and don’t ask about dipping sauces they’re ok (sometimes). Items must be level, straight, even and centered. There is a place for everything and everything has a place. Clutter gives me headaches. Minimalism, not materialism is my way of life. If I haven’t looked at it or used it in 3 months (3 months is generous, it’s more like 2 weeks) it belongs in the trash. On the plus side though the carpet fringe does not need to face the same direction in a single file line; mostly because I don’t have carpet fringe.

This is our mistakes, our laughs and our learnings along the way; in my typical no-sugar-added way. Laugh at my blonde moments (yes the picture has red hair, blame my friends, I’m really a blonde) and learn from my mistakes as I fumble my way through wifehood, home ownership and dinner.



4 Responses

  1. Rachel; you rock!…just sayin…
    Looked at your blog for the first time today; soooo cool! I get such enjoyment for cooking for our friends. Once you get past worrying that everything will be okay you realize that the time you spend experimenting, failing, and hopefully laughing about it is the fun part. It took me a long time to feel comfortable enough to have a “dinner party” for friends. But it is so much fun; and things don’t always work out…nothing a few cocktails won’t fix! Good luck with your cooking and your blog…I will check back often! Love ya lots.

  2. Seriously girl I am LOL!!! I can’t wait for what is to follow. You have a gift!! :)…………..Oh and I am sooo jealous of your floor to ceiling cabinet. I may need your dad to make a trip south. 🙂

  3. Hi – I found you from Frog Blog 🙂 and as I read this, I flashed back some 13 years ago when I was first married and trying to convince my new husband that Hamburger Helper was indeed good for him (yuck btw!)…since then I did develop some culinary skills with a little help from the internet and my mom! And yes, I think I have a touch of OCD too…mine is better explained as inconsistent OCD though because with kids, I sometimes give up 😉 I’m following now and hope you will follow me as well…I’m looking forward to reading more! ~~Liz


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