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Football Brownies

Football Brownies

I have been a major slacker in the kitchen. I’m quite a dainty eater at the moment so I haven’t been cooking much at all. Hopefully this is all going to change in the next few weeks as the holidays are upon us.

So I’ve got this gorgeous friend, Christa, who luckily gets to be family too since she’s married to my fabulous cousin together they have 2 heartbreakingly handsome boys. She made these fabulous brownies for her oldests football banquet and has been lovely enough to share here. Enjoy!

Rachel has only been asking me to do this for a year or so.  Finally I have something cute and worth sharing.  I hope you enjoy:

 My family lives and breathes sports of all kinds.  We play, watch, cheer, and even party around sports – whether it be youth sports, amateur sports, or even professional – WWE – you name it.  My boys (7 and 2) do not play with toys, instead they favor anything with a ball, bat, stick, glove, hoop or bases.  Who knows what Santa will bring this year?  Not many families can say that the whole family unit loves sports.  Some members pretend to watch, pretend to be interested, or downright let other know that they loathe sports (accchhheemmmm…Rachel).  We however cannot get enough of them. 

We can often be found on the weekends at youth or high school sporting events, running around in our backyard, or of course one of our favorite things to do is entertain friends and family around lots of beer, food and one of our favorite teams.  Which one you might ask, well the Philadelphia Phillies or the Pittsburgh Steelers….yes, I did say Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.  Many people ask how this happened…the condensed version can best be explained in one word: COMPROMISE.  Before I married the man of my dreams we only had to settle one major debate: we would NOT live in a divided household.  Some people compromise on religions before marrying , determining what faith and beliefs they will teach their children.  Nope, not the McCusker’s we compromise on sports teams.  My Dad raised me a Philly girl…Phillies, Eagles, 76ers.  My husband on the other hand has familial ties to Pittsburgh…Steelers, Pirates, Penguins.  So after a fair amount of debate it was decided; Phillies (because the Pirates blow – always have and probably always will), Steelers (because the Eagles have broken my heart way too many times over the years), Penguins (Too many greats to even start naming names – even though I have to admit that from time to time I do root for the Flyers whenever I catch a game), and there was no debate that “as for me and mine” we’ll cheer for Penn State.

Our oldest son Gavin is seven, and of course inherited his mothers athletic abilities, ok, and SOME of his fathers.  He plays football, basketball, ice hockey and baseball….whew.  How do we keep up with him?  I have no idea.  This past fall was Gavin’s first tackle football season.  His team was incredible.  I am not saying that to brag, but to tell you that his team of seven and eight year olds, learned a complete offense and defense and ran plays that high school teams utilize.  It was incredible.  They went undefeated, pretty much crushing every team they played.  One coach came up to ours and stated, “I’ve been coaching Knee Hi Football for over 10 years, and your team, by far, is the best team I’ve ever seen!”  The season finally wrapped up on Halloween weekend.  Don’t think the Mac’s have been twiddling their thumbs though, Hockey already started way back in September, so we’re already underway.   

To conclude the football season, we have been planning a HUGE BASH for the boys.  Everyone is so proud of them.  We rented the community center in our town so that all “cheerleaders” of the boys could attend.  We have over 60 people coming!  There will be decorations, a slide show, the boys will be receiving huge trophies and “undefeated” t-shirts.  It’s guaranteed to be a ton of fun.    We opted for pot luck as this would be the easiest way to feed the masses.  We are ordering $100 worth of pizza (provided by the league), and then everything else will be provided by the players families.  So what did I sign up to bring?  BROWNIES!  I decided on this for three reasons; 1 – quick, 2 – Easy, 3 – Cheap.  That was the plan at least….then I “kicked it up a notch!”

Football Brownies


  •  1 Box of Duncan Hines Brownie Mix (family size)
  • Ingredients per box (water, oil, eggs)
  • 1 Container Duncan Hines Chocolate icing
  • 1 Bag Nestle Milk Chocolate Mini Chocolate Chips
  • 1 Easy Decorator – piping bag and tip – (twist cap and ready to ice)
  • 1 emptied soup can – bent into an oval
  • Large Bar Pan (Pampered Chef of course, is there any other kind?)


  • To make the football brownies. 
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 
  • Spray Large bar pan with cooking spray (most P Chef cookware does not need to be pre sprayed but since the footballs need cut out of the pan, it just increases the ease). 
  • Mix brownie batter as specified on box – adding oil, water and eggs. 
  • Once blended together fold in ½ bag of mini chocolate chips. 
  • Once combined pour batter into greased bar pan. 
  • Cook for 15-20 minutes or until toothpick comes out “almost” clean.  You do not want to overcook the brownies as they will become rock hard on the bar pan. 
  • Once done baking, let cool overnight.  This seemed to work better. 
  •  Use the emptied soup can as a cookie cutter to cut out the desired shape. 
  • You may need a sharp knife as well, to carefully pry the brownie shape out of the can. 
  • Place cut brownie on decorative plate and ice with chocolate icing. 
  •  Once all brownies are iced, take the piping bag and pipe the following design:
  • )  +++  (   For a football
    ) (  For a Baseball
    ) (  and add a horizontal line for a basketball.  

These will be great for any type of football party or Super Bowl party.  I box probably makes about 20 footballs.  Could also be done with baseballs, basketballs, etc.  Just all in all a fun, quick and easy idea – and of course remember the team colors for the decorative icing.  Food coloring for vanilla icing could also achieve the desired look of your team.  Gavin saw the finished product this morning before heading to the bus and he thought it was awesome.  Not only did they look cute, but I saved all the scrap brownies for the boys to mix in with vanilla ice cream for the rest of the week. 

While I haven’t been cooking I have been updating a bit at thegrowinggibsons.blogspot.com Today I have a sneak peak at my neuorsis over chair rails and paint.


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