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  • October 2010
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Meet Franklin!

This is Franklin.

He is not my perfect canine match.

I let him stay because as the picture clearly shows he’s to die for loving and cute. He’s also as dumb as the picture shows.

No, for real. This dog could get lost in our house.

Like I said though he’s cute and pitiful and its impossible not to love him. Even though we are oil and water.

I think it’s mostly because Franklin and I have yet to heal from our first month together. He was finding his way and place in our family and I was losing belongings. Those belongings were a fabulous reclining couch, a blackberry, a few chargers, a few corners on our area rug and runner, a welcome mat (or 2), multiple shoes, the corner of a WALL, a blanket, a dog bed and I’m sure a few other things I have forgotten. I will never forget the 2lbs of blue M&M’s newly purchased for our wedding favors that he nabbed off the counter one day. Or the wedding invite responses he ate.

We tried to crate him, he chewed the front of the crate off in 30 minutes. It was metal, no lie. We tried to baby gate him, he would simply charge the gate until it fell and he was released from whatever room he was trapped in. That night I just stared at him for hours. This creature was unreal. He was 60lbs of solid determined muscle. I am 200lbs of pissed off dog owner. We clash.

In the last year Frank has turned around and calmed a bit. Him and I have an agreement. It’s taken quite awhile to get there but we have worked it out. Maybe its fear, whatever, it works. He jumps on everyone who walks in the door, it drives me insane. Paul allowed it an is now trying to break the habit. I’m not as nice as Paul. Frank stays on the carpet until I pick up the leash.

Sadly most of Franks issues needed to be dealt with by us changing our ways. Our dining room chairs get laid on the couches, trash cans get lids that close right away, closet doors get closed and NOTHING gets left within this dogs reach. I belive we have had our current dog bed for about 6 months or so, which is a record for Frank.

His episodes are becoming more and more sporadic but that also means we have been a touch lax. Pauls work shoes were dragged from the bedroom to the living room the other day, happily without holes. He was possibly just trying to point out our lack of diligence and what “could” happen.

He is possibly the best cuddle bug, not exactly a lap dog, but he tries. He also has the most pitiful face when he’s in trouble. He has a lot of groveling to do at the moment since he managed to find a black pen and chew it on our only carpet, which is now stained black.

My current dilema is Baby. What house do you know with children that doesn’t have a ton of stuff on the floor and scattered through the house? What child do you know doesn’t throw stuff on the floor? Or drop toys when something else catches the eye? I have no idea how to teach him not to eat the stuff either. He’s sneaky, you’ll never see him do it. I’m concerned.


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