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  • September 2010
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Meet Sport


Please, meet Sport!

Sport and I have been together about 3 years, which means he’s about 4.5 years old.

Do not let the picture fool you. This is what the adoption agency used as his, “Please come save me now” picture. It worked. I ran and I squeezed him and loved him and crinkled his itty bitty face. Then he walked away. Then his hair grew.

Sports hair is about 3x puffier and 2x longer and the poor thing is a hot mess. He also is the most independent dog in the world.

He uses us. Sure he wants a scratch at some point almost every day but it’s more about us helping him get an area he cannot reach. He uses us for food and water but I think that’s just because he’s lazy. If we stopped giving it to him, he’d find it. He’s like the Bear Grylls of the dog world.

While Paul was in Boston I tried to give Sport to my dad, I felt we might have out grown each other. Dad said no. I said ok.

Seriously though, he is my perfect canine match. We live separate lives, in the same home, assisting each other when need be.

I introduce Sport today because tomorrow he goes to the vet. Our hectic crazy busy life led me to forget his rabies shot this year. While forgetting about the shot he also started something happening back near his tail that seems to itch the dickens out of him. PetSmart won’t bathe them without the shot. You DO NOT bathe this dog yourself. It’s not worth the 3 hour ordeal. He hates water. Pansy.

Since he obviously can take care of himself and has no interest in me helping with this issue he has not let us see what is going on. I also cannot stand the noise he makes when he is messing with the area so I tell him to stop. He looks at me with judgement and scorn and goes behind the couch (his ‘place’). So now he goes to the vet.

This will be at least a 3 dayer. I usually takes him about that long to forgive me for the vet. If he needs a cone he won’t forgive me until after the cone is off. I’m making Paul go this time hopefully Sport will spread the guilt between the  two of us making me feel like less of a heel.

They say dogs don’t remember, anyone who says that has never seen the look of debate in Sports eyes 2 days after a vet visit. I always wonder if he is actually going to let me keep my hand when I attach his leash.

One time he bit through an unopened shaving cream can in his ‘place’. The can obviously exploded spraying shaving cream all over the leather back of our couch, the curtains, walls and floor. I feel he choose the can with ‘contents under pressure’ because he KNEW it would cause the most damage and be the biggest bitch to clean up. I might have run out of treats that day.

Disclaimer: Sport can be a bit of an ass but he has never bitten or injured any person or dog. Even when the Golden at the dog park tried to make Sport his biotch. One of the few days Sport actually needed us!


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