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  • September 2010
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The Squish


Meet Squishy. This picture is an iPhone shot of the actual u/s but so be it, I work with what I have. His/Her head is on the left the rest just guess you will be close enough. 

So while I have been MIA here I have been writing at TheGrowingGibsons.blogspot.com feel free to stop by. Sorry it’s not a clicky link for some reason Blogger will not let me go to their site during the day…lamesauce. 

I apologize in advance for some of the language. It’s bad, I’m not usually a potty mouth but it was a very rough couple of days. I could certainly go back and edit it but it’s honest and real the way it is now. 

I wasn’t sure that I was going to open it to the public but decided to. Mostly because the taboo nature of fertility is annoying and lonesome. You would be surprised at how many women are struggling. Also how hurtful the constant questions are. It doesn’t usually occur to anyone that it’s not their business and it could be really hurtful to the other person. 

We tried for a year, went to a reproductive endocrinologist and received a diagnosis and set up a plan for the next cycle, 2 days later we got a surprise + pregnancy test. 

Our story is short in comparison to some. We were very lucky. Some struggle for years, have multiple surgeries, injections, medications and doctor visits. It’s life changing and a pain and heartache I cannot even begin to understand. 

TheGrowningGibsons is a sort of pregnancy journal that for the moment will be kept separate from this blog. This way people who don’t want to know, don’t have to know. Eventually it will all probably combine being parents is probably going to give us our most laugh worthy stories. We’ll see how it goes. 


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