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  • August 2010
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Forever The Slacker

OHH HI! I didn’t forget about you I’ve just opted to be neglectful. In truth we have a ton going on and I have not been in the best place to be writing for the public eye. If you haven’t given up on me, I love you too! 

The first half of the summer has been crazy and the second half will be even more eventful. The man and I are booked solid until the middle of September. 

So, what happened the first half of the summer? 

Heidi Newfield


We went to the 92.5 WXTU Anniversary Show. She looks like she’s looking right at me, right? SQUEEE she is biotches. We were right in the front and I heart her and apparently so does the Man and it was fabulous. After her show she jumped out into the crowd, it was awesome! 

Darius Rucker

We saw Darius Rucker and Brad Paisley. I want to go back when Darius, a.k.a. Hootie is the headliner. He was awesome. I might have cried when he did Purple Rain. Paisley was Paisley. Good but no Darius. 

4th Of July

Uncle Fred and Aunt Neen had the bulk of the Miller crew to New Jersey for a fabulous 4th of July party. The “kids” pictured are a selected few of my cousins and the gorgeous blond standing in the back is one of my Aunts. The “kids” really aren’t kids anymore accept the two little ones on the end, I think everyone is pretty close to being out of high school and some are more than half done college! 

The Miller Family

This is how I still think of them. See those 2 adorable boys right in the front? The one on the right just got ENGAGED!! Like 2 weeks ago. There are a few missing from this picture but it was the best I could pull off of Face Book in a pinch. There are others where these kids look even younger but I stand out in all of them because I’m massive. I cannot do that to myself so I won’t. Can you see me in this one? 

Angry Farmer Rachel

 This is probably a few years before the one above. Some of the littlest ones still aren’t born yet and we are missing the Oregonians (??) but there we are. I think the only person actually happy about this picture would be my little. Can you find her? It’s not hard! She’s the only one with the big cheesy smile on her face. Cute little bob w/ bangs in the striped jean jacket thing. She’s such a kiss butt. I should just be thankful that my head and the little ones in front both fit in the picture. Why they put me on a step is beyond my understanding. 

Seriously though we weren’t punished or mistreated. I know this picture is a bit deceiving since the majority look really put out over having to do this. We had very happy childhoods filled with laughter and fun, I swear!! 

I think the rest of my summer including my BIRTHDAY!! Can have its own post, yes? Maybe I can finally break through this huge case of writers block I’ve got going. For now though, I must feign working!


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  1. Welcome back! I’ve missed you : )

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