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  • July 2010
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Booty Pop

Poppin Da Booty

Yes, Booty Pop.

I was flipping through the Wall Street Journal this morning and came across an article titled Booty Pop. Instantly intrigued by the word booty in the Journal I read on.

As I read I began to feel smug.

What is Booty Pop? It’s a classic cotton underwear with egg shaped pads over the cheeks.

I have cornered the market on push up bras. I’m happy to announce that they have come a long way. Woot!

I have sadly passed by the skinny jean phenomenon and resisted the urge to trip the BOYS in the mall that can pull them off better than most women.

I permed my luscious long locks in the search for the adorable tousled scrunch look. Adorable is not exactly how I would describe the look I got.

I got married with red frickin hair because blondes happened to go out of style for like 5 minutes.

I have a bump-it that I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use and I turn into a stomping frustrated fool because it’s impossible!

Finally, after many a year and lots of patience, but butt is in. I finally do not have to click the lame link on a site that reads, “Yes! BootyPop my Panties”. There will be no rushing home to make sure the package was delivered in an unmarked brown box.


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