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  • June 2010
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Wednesday Weigh In

Orrrrr better known as the day Rachel contemplates ending it all.

Me, as a sailor

I’m going to tell you a secret. One I debated long and hard about sharing. For many days I had every intention of lying through my teeth. What’s the point though? You see me. My tight t-shirts show the newly acquired back roll. (SHHH I need peace & quiet to my end!!)

My secret is that my doctor lied. Last weeks weight of 217 was a bald-faced lie. The doctors scale was rickety digital. It flashed 217 and I happily sauntered off, vowing not to look too much into it. I broke my vow because there was just no way. That’s only 7lbs more than my wedding weight. 7lbs do not look like this.

I caved and weighed in on the real scale on Thursday.

I stepped on. Frowned. Turned it off. Tried again. Reset it. Tried again. Dried my hair. Tried again. Took off my rings. Tried again. Yep its 231.4. This took my BMI right to obese and got rid of any illusions I had about it not being that much.

So yea. That’s my start weight. Pardon me while I rig this rope.

Anyways, I’ve failed on the blogging front. I have tons of new recipes and stuff to share but quite honestly I don’t feel like it. I’ve come to the conclusion that nicotine makes me a nicer person. Without it I’m quite nasty. Nastier? I know it’s frightening.  Your breathing will probably piss me off and since I can’t stick a cigarette in my mouth to keep it closed I will tell you that you breathe obnoxiously. I’m not as bitchy as I thought I’d be but then I’ve avoided everyone but my hubby since.

We had three birthday parties this weekend and I handled quite well during. The car rides home were silent. Silent because if my mouth even began to open I was going to scream. Last Thursday I spend 30 minutes slamming doors, dishes and cabinets when I got home from work. Why? Because there was a pan out. I’m sure you can see how this pan led to my intent to destroy my house.

The Man calmly sat in the living room and turned the TV up a bit, stayed away and let me work it out. I did. All was fine again.

There is a pan on the stove tonight. Left by me, because I was lazy. I’m worried. Someone hold me!


I cannot believe June is almost over! We have done tons of stuff and I cannot wait to share!

  • Met with a decorator (seriously and yes it was necessary we’re pumped)
  • Redid our gardens
  • Picked furniture & redesigned the basement (planning stages)
  • Made tons of tasty dinners)
  • Had the XTU concert
  • Ohhh & Pauls Grad party. Which we must talk about but I’m not sure how to talk about!

An email attachment is calling my name
Weight: 227.3
Lost: 4.1
To Go: 52 (Where is that rope again)
BMI: 31.7
Days Without Life Blood Cigarettes: 10


4 Responses

  1. Keep up the good work. You’re doing great without the cigarettes! And 4 pounds is great too!

  2. dang haven’t smoked and still lost 4 lbs! that’s pretty awesome 🙂

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