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  • June 2010
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Weigh-In Wednesday

Yep, you read that correctly. I intend to share my weight. ::gasp::

Unlike the failure that was Menu Monday, I hope to stick to this one.

The main motivation is 10lbs keeping me from being able to breathe in my wedding dress, which I need to wear on July 2.

The second is because of this website…My Shape. You enter in all your measurements and your clothing preferences and it gives you a store filled with clothes that not only match your body shape but also fit you. The size is chosen through the measurements you add. You can’t go wrong. I was so excited to come across this that I used a piece of ribbon and a 15 inch ruler to get my measurements…at my desk…in my office…stealth.

This site is perfect for me since I was absent on the day God gave out boobs and apparently did a crap-ton of extra credit on Hips and Ass day. I am oddly proportioned. It’s ridonkulously frustrating when shopping for clothes. I think I also missed Fashion Day.

The downside is that my Large Marge stature does not allow for my “Personal Shop” to be filled with everything it could be. Some of the designers/stores linked to the site just don’t make larger clothing. Though there are a million and one really cute items that match my body type, which is H if you were wondering; there isn’t a ton that will fit me. It was upsetting.

Upsetting enough for me to work out. I’ll give you pause to restart your heart. I still stand by the fact that my body was built for leisure not physical activity. By physical activity I mean anything that causes sweat.

Torture At It's Finest

I bought this home “gym” for The Man in February. It looked dangerous so I never used it.

Then last night I remembered that the whole body work out is only 11 minutes. My kind of workout. So while The Man was out playing tennis I did an 8 minute work out.

Are you flipping kidding me? I mean I knew it was an MMA training workout (kinda) but WTF!! I think I died, right around minute 7, during lunge #253. When I came to my thighs were laughing. It was over. Today I feel like I’m walking on rubber bands. Owwwwie. I think I will find a nice yoga or Pilates work out.

Anyway, weigh in Wednesday will not be so long all the time, today was just an explanation of my intent and the idea behind it.

So for week one, heres where I stand
Weight: 217 (down 2 lbs from doc appt last week and 7 from appt 2 weeks ago)
BMI: 30.3 (that .3 puts me in Obese. Lamesauce)
Waist: 41
Hips: 47.5
Upper Arm: 13.5
Thigh: 26
Smoking Stat: 3 Days (no cheating)


2 Responses

  1. i am pretty bummed. i signed up for the email notifications two times now. and still do not receive that awesomeness has been posted 😦
    in any case. good luck and congrats on day 3 no smokey! 🙂

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