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  • June 2010
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On my jaw.

It’s a big pile o’ awesomesauce.

Officially diagnosed as TMJD or tempromandibular joint disorder.

Whats really happening is that for years I’ve had a jaw click. Rarely when I talk, sometimes when I eat and always when I yawn. It wasn’t painful and I barely notice it anymore. Well that click was caused by an irregular bite pattern. What is that? I don’t know. I’m assuming my mouth doesn’t close like yours. I generally don’t shut up enough to notice.

Years of irregular bite has caused the disk in the joint to wear excessively/incorrectly/whatever. It has now become inflamed and irritated. Awesomesauce

The fix for now is 10 days of anti-inflamatories, pain management (aka narcotics, ssweeeet), soft foods only (gross) and limited movement. Then they will see where I am in 3 weeks.

Complete correction is filled with surgery, artificial disks and wiring of the mouth. Thank goodness that this is my first flare up and they do not think going at it aggressively is necessary. We will re-evaluate if the drugs do not help or if the flare ups happen more and more often.

I figure if it happens again I will just keep switching doctors so that they always think it’s the first time and the surgery won’t ever be an issue.

Thats a joke!! I’m hoping this is a very rare occurence and it never happens again. The pain is indescribable. If it wasn’t for the length of time in recovery I’d break my foot again before I’d do this.  At least eventually with the foot it all went numb and I didn’t technically HAVE to use it. The jaw is a different story. I HAVE to use it.

I try very hard to keep it from moving but it’s hard and I sound ridiculous. Slight movements aren’t bad but full on talking is the pits. Eating is a joke and every bite is like a smoldering piece of hot iron being stabbed in my face right  in front of my ear. The meds definitely help with consistent pain but only dull the sharp ones. They offered me stronger, but  like a good girl, denied it.

It’s only day 2 of soft foods and I already don’t like mashed potatoes & yogurt.  Today I brought left over chicken & pasta w/ Thai peanut sauce. Don’t ask me why. I wanted it.  It didn’t work out so well. I choked on a peanut. Coughing makes me want to die. So I suppose I don’t really have much of a choice but I know 10 days won’t happen. As soon as it starts feeling well enough I’m going to be all over solid food.

We also have a concert tomorrow and I am not going to be happy if I can not sing obnoxiously.

I’m cranky. The end.


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