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  • June 2010
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Best Day Ever

For The Man that is. His secret dream has come true. I have lock-jaw.

Ok, that’s not an actual Dr. diagnosis but it’s what I say. Or don’t actually say today but think.

What started yesterday as a sore jaw on the right side, attributed to possible teeth grinding yesterday has progressed into a searing pain. It begins up near my ear spreads down through the entire back of my mandible and into my neck. I cannot even rest my chin on my hand as any pressure on my lower jaw sends me into convulsions.

I cannot move my lower jaw without immense pain. Obviously both talking and eating today have been mostly out of the picture since about 11am. My two favorite things, gone before I knew it. In reality I can physically do both, I just don’t particularly care to do either because of the pain that accompanies it.

Thrilling for my husband because he can jabber on about anything he wants while I am may be forced to hold the majority of my opinion in. For the opinionated this is torture.

Bonus,  is also keeping me from replacing my cigarettes with anything that happens to be edible and within arms reach. My feet may decide to reappear.

It huuuurrrrtttsssss!

Excuse me for now I must go wallow in my hunger.


5 Responses

  1. Dude? Did you step on a rusty roofing nail? I’m just sayin’!?! Do you remember the wiki picture? You better call the doc ….soon!

  2. Lock Jaw is the way it starts right ….tetnus that is…

  3. have you called the dentist to have it checked out you have been rather lapse in your dental care????

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