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Ex-frickin-scuse Me!

I am annoyed.

What a shock, I know!

My company is asking everyone in local branches to wear orange and black tomorrow to support the Flyers.

I don’t own anything in the hideous color of orange so I had every intention of just wearing black, because I own it and because no one could really comment because the Flyers colors are orange and BLACK.

UNTIL, I was called unsupportive of local economy and unsportsmanlike. Then went through this long ass diatribe about how I should be  a Flyers fan. Excuse me?

Now, NO. I’m not going to.  I have decided to be drowning in my husbands Pittsburgh Pens jersey tomorrow because I have a point to make. I like making points. 

I was shocked. They don’t know a thing about me or my loyalty (or lack of) towards sports teams. My rebellious, you-will-not-label-me-and-tell-me-what-to-do attitude burst through with a fascinating show of glitter and rainbows as I promptly replied, “Just because I live on the east side of the Appalachian doesn’t make me an automatic Flyers fan”.

Now because of being told who I “should” be supporting I have been forced to support the other team. Which is aggravating because now I’m going to have to figure out who they are and what their colors are.

The worst part of this is that I don’t care! I don’t like hockey. The hip pads & face masks make it difficult to see if anyone is hot or not. It can’t hold my interest.

My husband supports Pittsburgh, he was born there. By default they are the only teams I really “know”; so I support them. Not because I particularly like the team or know anything about what they are doing  but because when they win my life is easy. When they win my hubs is a happy man, which makes me a happy girl. When they lose I worry about his mental stability. I often think about getting him a special chair for game day. A chair that I don’t hold near and dear, one that if the arm rests are ripped off or punched through I won’t care.

Once Pittsburgh is out of the running for whatever sport happens to be in season the rest doesn’t matter to me. I won’t pick one side or the other. I just don’t have enough care in me.

Anyway, it bugged me that someone who has no idea who I am has labeled me and made comments about things he cannot possibly know anything about.

I understand the support of a local team, by that teams fans. It’s awesome your team made it. It’s also presumptuous to assume that everyone local is a local fan and to expect support from those who do not care enough or just because they live in the area. I also strongly believe that if I was a man this conversation wouldn’t have happened.


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  1. You go girl speak your mind, wear that Pittsburgh jersey that’ll shut them the F up.

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