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  • April 2010
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Out Houses Can’t Be That Bad


First and foremost – I want a new blog name! Kitchen Beginnings is so lame and I dislike greatly. Gotta creative fun new name for me? Share plllleeeaassee

Second, out houses look kinda cool with that decorative moon window and all. It’s something that I feel should be looked into as both a money saver and a positive for the enviroment. 

Why? Because I totally didn’t do any of the following on Sunday night 

I did not purchase and cut a case of mangoes from Produce Junction and shoved all the skins down the kitchen disposal. 

I did not purchase a papaya and shoved skins and seeds down the disposal. 

I did not learn that papaya tastes like poo and squished like grainy pudding. 

I did not clean out the fridge and put everything not metal or plastic down the disposal.

The kitchen sink did not  back up. 

I did not poure water down the kitchen sink after the Man took apart the plumbing under the kitchen sink. 

The Man did not regret his decision to marry me for that moment in time. 

We did not purchase a plumbing snake and 2 gallons of Draino in an attempt to clear the clog ourselves because the number of times plumbers have been at our house is damn embarrassing. 

I did not weep for hours and beg the man to move because I had had enough with homeownership and I wanted a landlord again. 

I did not learn a massive lesson about garbage disposals and their proper usage. 

You know, just in case you were curious about what I didn’t do on Sunday night, now ya know. 

Umm Kenny in 3D tomorrow night. I can barely contain myself.


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