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  • April 2010
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I Feel So Mafia

What didn't work.

Let me start by saying we know some plumbers. We have had an issue with our plumbing since the day we moved into the house. Literally, THE DAY WE MOVED IN! Then every few months there after. 

They all said and did the same thing, snaked the outside trap. Never bothering to look inside to find where the water was coming in or what the actual issue was. 

Until, Wil A. Laboy of Laboy Plumbing (a.k.a. the most awesomest plumber in the world) in Boyertown. Please let me know if you need a plumber and I will send out his contact info. No joke, if you have a plumbing issue, residential or commercial he’s your guy.

He has 20+ years in the biz and with minimal information from us know-nothing-about-whats-happening homeowners found the problem and fixed the problem in 30 minutes. AND located where the water was coming into the basement in less than 10 minutes of being there. Something no one else had been able to do. 

Anywhosiers, I called my pops to whine about the water and plumbing issue. He said he’d call his friend and they would have someone come look at it. So on Wednesday he arrived, after business hours mind you, and took a look around. 

He found an old drain hole in the basement floor where the previous owners had a hopper. I dont’ even know how they would have gotten to the freaking toilet let alone done their business without fear of the massive spiders living so close. This is probably why the hopper is gone. Personally I thought the cap/valve/ugly doo-hicky on the floor was just laying there. I had never tried to move it because of what lives back there. Nope, Mr. Laboy loosened the valve and water went a-flyin’. Mystery solved. 

He explained to us that the massive pressure built up behind the clog was forcing the water to take the least resistant course and leak through the valve. He said with the amount we were seeing he’s surprised we hadn’t blown the valve and until it was fixed our house was out of commission. 

I had a sigh of relief over my ingenious laundry plan from the night before. 

My relief was short-lived as then we began the conversation about collapsed lines. Oh my sweet baby Jesus, I died. For a moment in time I was truly dead. The Man looked at me and I could see the panic in him as well. The Man never panics, when his eyes show fear I know that I might as well just get the shovel and start digging because more than likely I’m going to have a coronary. 

Then I heard music to my ears, “Your dad’s Mike, right?”. 

I replied, “yep that’s my pops”. 

Wil (cause we’re friends now) said, “you don’t need to worry then, your dad feeds a lot of people”.   

And that line right there made me feel mafia. Like “yeah homie that’s my dizzad”. Ok that was a bit more ghetto than mafia but I don’t know how mobsters talk. 

So thanks Dad for a being a superhero and all that jazz. 

Relief was short-lived as we started talking about home owners insurance and digging up the yard and I figured I could put my shovel down because when they dug the hole for the new sewer line they could just put me in with it. 

Wil left, I cried, the Man thought, Dad said “oh well”

My fathers “oh wells” always make me get squinty eyed and growly. This is his way of saying, “you need to do what you need to do and there isn’t any other way around it”. He had already informed me that the beautification movement I had going with my house was most likely going to be put on hold with this sewer thing. Oh well.  

Mr. Laboy drove all the way to Boyertown to get his truck with the right equipment. He then drove ALL the way back to our house at 9:30 so that we could use our water and have a working house. He didn’t have to do that. Mind you, he also has a brand new baby (3.5 weeks new) waiting at home for him. The last thing he needed to be doing was coming to our house an hour away from his home. 

He plunged the trap outside and all of a sudden we heard this massive rush of water and voila all clear. The trap wasn’t collapsed, the pipe wasn’t collapsed, the clog was gone and we had water again! 

He explained that the previous plumbers option of the snake would only clear a hole as big as the snake, over a few weeks that hole would close up again; which was the reason we were having issue every few months. 

He even stayed long enough to make sure that we were running clear and all was good with the line. Which is something that NO ONE else ever did. They all pack up and leave before making sure that the problem was actually fixed.

Now I can get my shop vac out of my laundry room and never ever ever again will I wait until we are completely out of clothes before I do laundry again.



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