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  • March 2010
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He said…

Let the girl have storage! And so she did.

I don’t really have a before picture because it just would have been a 5.5 ft white wall. So instead I give you this picture of the beginning of the work.


That’s not the cabinets! Oh that’s The Mans, ‘seriously, woman’ face. He obviously felt that I could be of better use than taking pictures. I beg to differ.

This is actually the only before picture I have. It’s the hole to run the electric to a new outlet to the new countertop. I went outside for a bit right around now.

My babies! So well-behaved. Sport didn’t try to eat a saw blade or work gloves this time. He did however, chow on an extra piece of moulding. Frankie-face just looked confused.

The Little, in attendance for moral support only. Notice she is sitting on the only existing counter space.

The Dad, who spent the day teaching us how to install cabinets and a bunch of nifty tricks he knows along the way. Seriously, is there anything he can’t do?

SHHHH! Moment of silence. Just take it all in. “All?” Really? I can hear you all now. This is what you’ve been whining about? Really? Yes!!  The Little really was sitting on ALL our extra counter space. I really did quadruple my drawer space with that one single drawer.

Swoon! Even beer pong balls have a home. It may look unorganized to you but to me it looks like paradise.

Oh my gracious! Is that actually pans and pots and cooking gear IN the kitchen?? Why yes, yes it is.

An entire cabinet just for glass wear? Holy shizz a serving bowl OUT of the garage and not in the way!!

You don’t need to be privy to my emergency Hamburger Helper and boxed scalloped potatoes that I have in the pantry.

I made proscuitto, bleu cheese and fig pizza with balsamic vinegar. I was rolling out my pizza in my usual spot when The Man said, why don’t you use the new counter so you don’t get the grooves. Whhaaa. Oh yea! For the first time in my cooking history (a whooping 7 months) I rolled out dough on a smooth surface that was both large enough and didn’t require toothpick precision cleaning. It nearly brought me to my knees.


5 Responses

  1. it looks awesome! ooooh a drawer big enough to hold stuff! i’m so happy for you! 🙂

  2. You can never have enough storage… Happy for you…

  3. beeeeeutiful!!!!

  4. very nice, m’dear! enjoy it! cook us some dinner. 🙂 you know we don’t make anything but fajitas here.

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