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  • March 2010
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The Devil Said

I got an email this morning that said…
Be the kind of woman who when your feet hit the ground each morning, the devil says, “Oh crap, she’s up!”

It was a joke, albeit a surprisingly accurate assumption this week as the devil probably would have hidden from me. If not me personally than my flying cell phone. Or maybe my snaptastic vocalization of everything under the sun that was wrong with the world, right down my inability to understand the violence of the food chain. Yeah it was a rough week.

It also made me giggle a bit because just yesterday I told The Man that I had made a deal with God and his butt was going to church.

DAD!!! Get up off the floor, catch your breath, it’s ok. I do not think that neither I or the church will burst into flames. At least I hope not.

I’m not going to go into a lengthy, annoying preach about my feelings towards Organized Religion or what my personal beliefs are. Mostly and most honesty because I really don’t want to hear YOUR feelings on it or why YOUR feelings are correct. Nothing sparks a lively debate like a little religion.

I’m Catholic. I’m a rebellious Catholic though and if it could be questioned, I questioned it. Grilled, even. I will never forget the Sunday morning I left a note for my dad asking to be excused from church that Sunday, I feel that the reaction was equal to me asking to take off for Mexico for a month without supervision. And so began the revolt. HA make me do what I didn’t want to do!

Umm big dreams, small girl. My rear was not only in a pew every Sunday but also Catholic school, religion classes, CCD, First Friday Mass, 1x/month confessions, Stations of the Cross and one ugly itchy maroon and gold kilt. Well played, Dad.

Slowly in my late teens it wasn’t required that I go. Then I turned 21 and hangovers happened and church was a thing of the past.

Now in my mid 20’s, no not late 20s don’t rush this shiz jeez, I find I miss it. I don’t remember my butt bones digging into the hard wooden pews causing days of pain as vividly as I once did. Instead I remember grumbling all the way there, carrying on about how no one understood ME; then leaving and laughing. After church were some of the best times. The Middle (sister) and I would miraculously put whatever battle we were having aside and laugh. We’d even include The Little (sister) without complaint. Mom usually had breakfast ready when we got home and we’d all sit together.

Now that we are married and not living in either of our home towns I kind of feel weird not to have “a church”. So, we are going to Saturday night mass (still lets me feel rebellious) at a local church.

Because I’m Catholic, I’m obligated to feel massively guilty that I’m attending a Lutheran Church. Mark that one as fulfilled. The Man refuses a Catholic church though, which I understand because he cannot receive communion there. I do love the argument, “well he’s not Catholic”. No shiz Sherlock and I’m not Lutheran but for love I concede.

So anyway, I call the church today to see how you become members and they didn’t understand. They said just to come to mass and see if we like it. I was like, “no, no Miss I’m Catholic don’t I have to pay or something”. She really, really didn’t know why I was asking what we do to join a church. I really, really didn’t know what questions to ask. I figure I will bring the check book just in case we had a miscommunication.

It feels like the right decision for us. I don’t know how often we will go but a couple a month is a step in the right direction. Plus, I made that deal with The BIG Guy, I gotta go!


3 Responses

  1. Well, well! So glad to hear this! Made my weekend!

  2. don’t feel guilty! i’m a lutheran and we’re very welcoming 🙂 my brother in law was catholic, but he and my sister ended up at a lutheran church because kris would have had to convert and didn’t want to. i would recommend ‘church shopping’ before you want to join for sure. i moved recently, and attended 3 lutheran churches before i found ‘the one’, but i would have also checked out episcopalian churches if i didn’t find the right fit for me at a lutheran church. to me, it is about the word and the scripture, but also about the mission of the church and if you feel comfortable, welcome, and you want to be there. good luck 🙂

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