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  • March 2010
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If You Could Eat Paradise

The Fountain Restaurant at the Four Seasons Philadelphia would have offered it!

For our first anniversary we went to Sams Club. Wooo! No seriously it was super exciting because we ordered me prescription sunglasses!!! There are no words for the joy this brings. Dude, I’m not being sarcastic at all. My stupid eye doctor still has not ordered me contacts because of my “proven history of abuse”, ummm I’m ’bout to abuse you Mr. Doctor. We leave for FL in 2 weeks and I have to wear glasses, irritating. I lost all hope for being able to go shopping and get myself a cute little pair of sunglasses for the trip. Instead I have Sams Club “designer” glasses with the massive lenses.

This really does suck because I can’t see further than 3 inches in front of my eyes, no exaggeration necessary the keyboard directly below my face is a white speckled black bob. How am I going to be able to swim? What if we play sharks and minnows? I’ll always lose because I won’t be able to see who is coming after me or tag any minnows if I’m the shark.

We also made some decisions about some house stuff and stocked up on grocery items. Yeah we bought bulk meat and restaurant style plastic wrap and seperated and economized the fridge. We also cleaned the cabinets. Exciting right!

Finally it was time to leave. I was so excited I decided to document the entire dinner! Don’t you feel lucky! Pardon the crappy pictures I only had the iPhone, which was more discreet than the Nikon. Although I regret not taking it now, I mean really so what if people would have whispered. I don’t really care too much about appearances and they wouldn’t remember me anyways. Lesson learned!

I have to first attention whore my shoes. Most of you know the ones. I love them and mostly wanted to go to The Fountain because I knew I’d get to wear them!

I wore them with a purple halter cocktail dress, which I fondly call the Betty Rubble dress. Obviously because I think it makes me look Bedrock’ish.

We started the night off at the Lounge next to the restaurant because we were about 30 minutes early. The man had a Makers Mark on the rocks and I had a Poma-Pear Martini that went down like water. It was sweet and didn’t have hint of alcohol to it just how I like ’em heavy on the pear lite on the ‘tini.

They came and picked us up at the bar to escort us to our table, by the window with an awesome view of Logan Square. At first we were the only people there, which was nice.

We received these little bundles of heaven as a compliments from the chef. It was some kind of parmesan crisp with black truffle goat cheese with some radish slivers. I was extremely unhappy that it was a one biter. I could have pranced my starving butt right back to the kitchen and housed his entire nights supply, while I was there maybe I could talk to him about some lessons.

We both decided to do the “Let Us Entertain You” 6 course chefs menu and I am so glad that we did. I almost didn’t get it because of the first course but because we both were going to get it they allowed me a substitution, which I was very surprised about. So while Paul got the funky Baked Oyster w/ caviar and some seaweed looking grass stuff, I happily chowed on my Grilled Sea Scallop w/ savoy cabbage, lentils and CANDIED BACON. Hello! Delish

All the while this guy kept walking around with this massive bread basket. He has spidey vision and knew just when I was down to my last bite to return and offer me more. I had three black olive rolls. Paul kept telling me to try something else but I couldn’t stop. I’ve decided to bread machine olive bread this week. Olives may have replaced cheese on my “most amzingest thing ever created” list.

After the scallop came Tempura of halibut Cheek with Shrimp Toast, Asian Slaw and Wasabi Ginger Dressing. I tried very hard to not think about the cheek part of this because it was probably the most amazing course. I didn’t taste any shrimp or fish at all, which make me question.

I belive this is when I ordered my second glass of champagne. I believe someone was trying to get me drunk. It was a delicious treat since I don’t often drink champagne.

The next course, yeah it’s like never-ending, was fricassee (yeah whatev) of Rabbit Loin with pasta, pancetta, peas and rosemary sauce. They called it rosemary essence. It was a brown sauce. This was the first time I had rabbit and I had to force all thoughts of Thumper and Peter Cottontail from my mind and accept that it was quite delicious. The pasta was hand rolled as well. Ohh and you can’t forget the parmesan crisp!

Next was the Roasted Double Lamb Chop with a swiss chard and parmesan stuffed potato. I decided at this course that I really did enjoy lamb chops, rare and without a bunch of stuff covering their flavor. We came to the conclusion that it’s the way some eat the lamb chops that turn me off. Picture grown ups eating a piece of meat with the same exuberance as a childs first experience with a ring pop. I think too much.

Right about now I ordered another Poma Pear, this one not so lite on the tini. Like I said, someone was trying to get me drunk. This is when THE GUY walked in. He was so loud. We had people sitting directly behind us and we couldn’t hear their conversation. We could hear every little thing he said. Here’s his picture.

You can’t really see him but he’s dead center of the round table looking our way. I left half of the man in because you can see his frown. That face says, “Seriously? Knock it off. I cannot take you anywhere. I wish I could buy you that filter that would stop some of this behavior.” I tried to give the universal “shhhhh” sign but the dude wasn’t having any of it. See that empty table to the right of us? Thats where the hooker was. Achhhem, escort, excuse me. I would have taken a picture of her but she was way to observant for me to get away with it.

Back to dinner now!

The soup was at the end. I found this interesting but pleasant. It was a tomato & eggplant cream soup with Ibores goat cheese croutons and a wedge. Ibores means  pepper washed rind. News to me. Happiness for my mouth. I was very disappointed that it came in a toy tea-cup rather than a trough.

We then had another compliments of the chef course of passion fruit cake, which really didn’t have much cake and was all passion fruit.

Dessert was the trio of Chocolate.

White Chocolate Molten Tart (dead, it killed me and I almost crawled to pastry chef to beg)

Milk Chocolate hazelnut Semifreddo (I don’t know what semifreddo means to them but it was ice cream to me. I feel they should have been more upfront about this)

Dark Chocolate Flourless cake w/ Raspberry Compote.

They were also awesome enough to put a candle in the cake and write Happy Anniversary on the plate, which I promptly stuck my hand in. I’m so oblivious sometimes!

Still not done, after it was all cleaned up we were presented with a plate of petit fours, which I thought about pocketing but the stern look from across the table told me that was a bad idea.

I think that this should most definetly be a tradition, every year.


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  1. Cute! Looks like you guys had a great time. I love that you documented every bite! Happy One Year Kids 🙂

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