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Through the Years

I can’t remember when you weren’t there…

With our 1 year wedding anniversary fast approaching (March 7th) I’ve been thinking about our last 7+ years together. For the last 2 days Kenny Rodgers has been flowing through my brain without a break. Not so much a bad thing because I really do like the song. A very bad thing because I only really know, “through the years”. It is much better than the Americas Funniest Home Videos theme song, which invaded during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and has only just Wednesday been replaced with Kenny.

“”We’ve got laughs from coast to coast to make you smile, the real life flubs of people like you to capture all those smiles and you’re the red, white, and blue, oh the funny things you do, America, America, this is you.”

Come on, you know you wanna sing it. It’s so darned catchy.

Anyway, I was thinking about the first few times Paul and I met and figured I’d share the story with the interwebz.

Remember, this is my version. The Mans could (and will) be different.

On July 4, 2002 I made the trek to the good Wilkes Barre for a moving/Independence Day celebration. Once I arrived I found out that some Grenade has been talking about me and I got a bit loud. I didn’t know that my future husband was upstairs playing video games with friends.

Obviously he asked who was hollering. The answer was, “Oh, that’s Rachel, you might want to stay away”. HRMPH!

After they finished playing their game they all walked downstairs. At this point I had already calmed down and heard a voice I didn’t recognize. When I looked up, there he was. I’m pretty sure angels sang and he had a luminescent glow shining down on him. Some argue this. I remember it though.

I decided then and there that I was going to have his attention.

At this point in my life I had yet to learn the essence of subtlety, I’m still working on this. I also didn’t realize that while I had no idea what it meant to be shy, other people did. It didn’t help that previously mentioned Grenade also set her sights on him. I can honestly say, the chick didn’t have a chance. She was one of those timid, proper girls; I was way to loud and trouble making to be ignored. He was probably scared poo-less but I had accomplished my goal and by the end of the night we were chatting (calmly).

The next day I said good-bye to everyone, and traveled back home. At the time my pops and I were living with my Grand mom while waiting for our move to the Boonies of Bucks county so my diddums could be with his love. I will say, while I hated it at the time it was an unforgettable treat to get to spend so much time with my Grand mom, who passed soon after we moved. Since I wasn’t impressed with my living situation I immediately made plans to go back to Wilkes Barre the next weekend.

Well, what a coinkikydink The Man had the same idea. Angels and glowing light again, I knew it must be a sign. AND I learned that he lived close to where I was. Oh, he may not have known it but I knew, that guy was going to fall in love with me.

I’ll keep the gory details out but know that his drinks that night were not agreeing with him. I would say I felt bad but this was my open door. Sorry dear, its true. He asked me if I was mad that he was talking to the Grenade. I said no and he said good and that was the end of our conversation, he left for lala land. After he was tucked safely on a couch and I on a friends futon, I decided it was time for me to take charge. I wrote my number on an old envelope made our mutual friend swear to give it to him.

The next day, Paul didn’t even look at me. HUH? This was strange. It would figure too; the first guy that I actually give my number too instead of waiting for him to ask and I had it all wrong. I proceeded to grill poor Friend. Hose and spot light style.

Did you do it? Yes

What did he say? thanks

That’s all? Yes

You didn’t really give him my number did you? Yes I did

What exactly did his face look like? HUH

Like did he smile or was he like ewwww? HUH

Are you sure you gave him the right envelope? Yes

Like positive? your nuts

Do you think he’ll call? I don’t know

Did he say anything about me? Not really

Not really as in yes he did and you won’t repeat? Or not really as in not really? You’ve lost it

Can you go back and ask again? No

HMM ok, well will you let me know? Your crazy

I would say never send a man to do a woman’s job but I can’t. While Friend failed the interview portion of his task he succeeded in his mission.

A few days went by and no call. Boo. I rehashed it all in my 19 yr old psychosis trying to figure out where I went wrong.

Then he called. I freaked and didn’t answer.

I spent a bit of time rehearsing what I was going to talk about and composing myself. I needed to be cool and collected and if you know me that doesn’t come naturally. I’m excitable and usually have word vomit and calmness takes a lot of deep breathing for me to master.

I did it though and called back. Opening with the always cool, “What’s up”. He said he just wanted to say thanks for helping him out on Saturday night. I have no idea what the rest of the conversation was because my calmness had worn off and my brain kept saying, “OMG OMG OMG he called he actually called OMG OMG”.

This was sometime during the week of July 15, 2002. I have talked to that man every day, several times a day since that life altering 10 minute phone call.

Over the next few weeks our calls got longer and longer sometimes stretching on for hours. Then FINALLY on Sept. 23, 2002 he asked me out. I blushed like a loon and asked if he was joking. You will soon learn that my responses under pressure are never the best. He wasn’t and we were officially together. This is when I would have made it FaceBook official, which as you know is a big deal, but FB didn’t exist then and I had to rely on word of mouth to get my biz around town.

I will never forget the first time he told me he loved me. We were sitting on my Grandmoms porch swing one afternoon a couple months into our relationship bliss and he said he was talking about me with his mom. Umm at this point I did not know Momma G all that well, if at all, I didn’t know if this is good or bad. He went into this diatribe about the different forms of love; then whispered that he loved me. I replied with, “Thanks, that’s nice”.

Again, with the awesome responses. Way to go Rach!

He left; I convinced myself that I had ruined everything. I just didn’t want him to think that I was saying it because he was saying it and he did say he didn’t want me to say anything back! What was I supposed to do?!

So after I had made myself sick with worry and nerves, I dropped the “L” bomb for the first time at the end of our conversation that night. Then the word vomit kicked in and I went into an exhaustive explanation as to why I said, “That’s nice” when he said it. Since then we’ve said it at the end of every call. Even if we are arguing and I have every intention of hanging up I still say, I love you before I do, it renders then hang up completely ineffective but it doesn’t matter.

That was it for me. Head over heels, to the ends of the earth kind of love and I really can’t remember when he wasn’t there or what I did before him.

Happy 1 year anniversary love!


5 Responses

  1. Tears to my eyes. Love ya

  2. Did you really use the word GRENADE??

    Good job Snooki

  3. so sweet:) never knew all this, and the little bit about grandmom’s porch swing… very cute

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