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  • February 2010
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Gold Fish and Tuna Fish

 First, please allow me to scream from the mountain tops that WE HAVE KITCHEN CABINETS!!! They are in the garage, still packed in boxes but they are in our home, which is one step closer to being attached to the kitchen wall!  

I’m not sure if everyone has been privy to the goldfish saga but it continues on. Short story is that we won goldfish at a fair in July. Bought a 1.5 gallon tank, which needed to be cleaned every week if not more. Learned that they needed 1 gallon per inch of fish. We had 4 inches of fish in 1 gallon, this explained the persistent nastiness. Upgraded to a 20 gallon. Bought 2 fancy goldfish and 2 catfish. Why? Because I belong in the crazy shack. Tank continues to be nasty. Gray, cloudy, green, funky. PetSmart is where we have been going to test the water, every 2 weeks or so because it’s so bad. Every time they give me another chemical and tell me something is too low or too high. So I currently have enough water treatments to supply SeaWorld for a month. They kept telling me I wasn’t cleaning it enough. So I cleaned and changed the filter and wiped the walls and washed the rocks and plants and NOTHING! It’s still foul.  

We just happened to stop at Petco instead of PetSmart the other night and low and behold all I needed to do was leave it the hell alone! Again they gave me a chemical and told me not to touch it for 1 month. Tanks have to establish or some crap and I was starting all over every time I tried to clean it. So PetSmart completely screwed us up and gave us tons of bad info and I’m never going there again.  

Oh and I need to start turning the light off at night. I was leaving it on at night and off during the day so that the fishy faces could see and not be in the pitch black. I should have kept my reasoning for this to myself. The man looked completely perturbed and gave me the eye roll of the century. The fish man lectured me on sleep cycles. Whatev! I don’t like the dark and didn’t see why they would.  

Hopefully this will fix the freaking tank so that we can move on with our lives. I feel like my being is centered on those stupid fish.  

So I’m going to eat tuna fish for a week!  

No really, I am, for lunch maybe dinner. 

  must start brining my lunch to work. We have a cafe but a turkey sammie is like $6.95, no mas! Eating in that stupid, yet delicious, cafe is against every fiber of my cheap skate being! It’s such a waste.  

Lunch meat isn’t really my fav. Leftovers are great if I have any. Lean Pockets are old news. Lean Cuisines are blah and pricey. Sooo Tuna it be.  

I read an article in Real Simple Magazine (the other Book) that gave some really great ideas for Tuna. So I’m going to try out a few of my own. No mayo. No Miracle Whip. No gloppy tuna on white bread; instead tuna with a bit of olive oil and capers or pesto or lemon pepper or kalamata olives.  

Should be interesting!


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