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  • February 2010
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Rachel (1) Rutabaga (0)

That is a rutabaga.

That is the hardest vegetable known to man.

That almost cost me all my fingers this morning.

That better taste frickin’ delicious tonight.

Someone said I should do some slow cooker stuff. (Hi Reggie!!) Someone said they liked corned beef (Hi Hunny!!) Someones too accommodating (Why, hello there self!)

J/K March’s Food Network Magazine had a delicious looking picture of slow cooker corned beef w/ vegetables and cabbage. Oh my did it look good. I immediately started a list of what I would need and began on this slow cooker adventure, 8 darned days ago! I don’t think it meant that slow.

First, we bought a 4 pound brisket instead of a 4 pound corned beef brisket. I now have to figure out what to do with a 4 pound brisket.

Then, they only had a 2.5 lb corned beef. Okay there are only 2 of us no big.

Once the corned beef was purchased I kept forgetting to get up early enough to make it.

Finally, I dragged myself out of bed a whopping 5 minutes early determined that I could do it quickly and all would be right with the world.


Any normal slow cooker dish could probably be put together in 5 minutes and left to simmer all day for a big ole pot of goodness. Rutabaga’s are no normal ingredient. It’s like sawing through a piece of cinder block. My knife was stuck, the blade wouldn’t wiggle. I switched to the biggest knife we had and it was still no use. I tried serrated and that almost cost me my hand. Nothing but sheer will and determination was going to get through this thing.

Alright, fine, it’s not that hard. Just don’t go trying to cut the thing in half. I had to slice it in 1/4-1/2 inch sections and then cut the sections for what kind of resembled the wedges that the recipe called for.

EWWW not to mention the darned thing is covered in wax that has to be peeled away. Don’t use your serrated veggie peeler!! The teeth get clogged. Use a straight edge one. OR better yet, skip the blasted vegetable!

I repeat, it better taste fricken GOOD!

You know I always attributed a slow cooker to being only slightly harder than having a chef. Plug pot in. Add meat. Add veggie. Add liquid of some sort. Work. Home. Dinner done. I was as wrong as a natural blonde can get.

Either I’m getting up early in the AM to get it all ready OR I’m making 2 meals the night before and still getting up early to put it all together, which isn’t even the worst part. I still have work to do when I get home. There is some cabbage thing that needs microwaved and  a sauce to be reduced. GAH

There is a ton of extra worry too. That thing is cooking on high on my tiny counter space for 8 hrs. I’ll be lucky the kitchen is left. Yes, 8 hrs. Yes, on high. No, I do not think there will be anything left when we get home. I always thought long and low (7hrs) or high and fast (4hrs). Apparently a rutabaga needs to be cooked within an inch of its life. J/K it’s cause of the brisket, which I’m pretty sure is the toughest meat out there. The best, when done properly too.

1 hour and 10 minutes until the rutabaga and I meet again.

By the way, a rutabaga is a swedish root vegetable that is a cross between a turnip and a cabbage.


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