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  • February 2010
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My husband is a strange strange man. Always entertaining. This afternoon around 12:00 I started receiving some strange texts. All in bad ghetto rapper speak. You know the type with lots of ‘zzz’s foshizzle. All the “ing” words missin’ the g. Lots of yo yo yo’s and what not. He must have been hanging out with the youth of America at work today.

No, he wasn’t. I decide it’s time to check out his blog and realize he’s made it a goal today to see how many texts it will take to annoy me. Isn’t that cute?  It didn’t annoy me though, it was funny, thank goodness.

Hmm, I already feel guilty about our future spawn, they will have no hope of being cool. I hope they will be able to embrace this fact.

On Saturday we went out in the ‘Ville to celebrate the Mans b-day. I think everyone had a good time. The bar had a nice quiet spot downstairs with a few games and the upstairs had a club with pounding music, under-dressed early 20-somethings and a lot of bumping dirties. The fact that I felt the need to shower immediately upon leaving and that I have shin splints today tells me I have no business in a “club”.

Both Sunday and Monday found me on a couch with very little motivation. I had every intention of ordering our wedding pics and getting picture frames and really making a go of settling these things before our 1 year anniversary. I’m pretty sure this is a goal I will not achieve, it’s okay set the bar low that way it’s easier to impress myself.

My extreme laziness over this picture business is because I just don’t know where to start or what I want or the layout that will work best, I can keep going and going on this. Then I found this Company, how friggin perfect is that biz. HAHAHA I can stop thinking and wondering. I love when others do the hard work for me. Ahh, but I’m cheap and $349 isn’t, I don’t think anyway. You can buy templates similar to these at Michael’s for $2.99, they also carry the matching frames. From what I saw though the website might be a bit cheaper than Michael’s because of the framing. I’ll probably go with Michaels because then I can pick the frames I want and see them prior to shipping. I’m too picky for web shopping.

I highly suggest making todays recipe. It’s beyond good. It also gave me quite the reality check.


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