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  • February 2010
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Now This Is Snow

Move aside winter of 1996/97, Pennsylvania has a new winter to talk about for the next decade.

I realize I have laughed at all you panick’ers but this one was definitely worth a bit of concern. The snow began at 6pm on Tuesday night and ended at our house around 10pm Wednesday night. Effectively dropping about 26 inches on our pristine little yard. We’ve got icicles the size of us coming from our roof. The back wall of our house looks like a liquor luge.

This is actually a picture of the first storm, just days before this one. We had to sacrifice this icicle for the sake of the gutters.

This is what we have Thursday night.

Yesterday we spent the day at home waiting for the snow to stop falling. Finally we decided that there was no end in sight and should probably shovel the mess out. Of course this snow couldn’t be light and fluffy powder, it had to be 26 inches of solid wet packing snow. The minute you stepped on it what was under your feet became a 2 inch ice pack.

My office closed yesterday and only because I couldn’t make it in. We only really get to close when NYC gets a decent enough storm to shut down the stock exchange, so it pretty much never happens. I took a personal day both yesterday and today. I have to give up the time but sorry I’m not really too interested in wrecking my car.

Around 10 AM we started talking about digging out the end of the driveway and cleaning off the cars and actually being productive. EH neither of us were too enthralled with the idea of getting cold and snow-covered again. Suddenly there was a knock at the front door. I scream whispered to The Man before he answered that it was kids and if they offered to shovel, let them. Now isn’t the time to be stingy, use what is being offered.

We told them they could do the shovelling, closed the door and simultaneously asked each other if the other had cash. He knew he was grasping at straws thinking I had money and by him asking me I knew he must not have much either. I feel like it would have been a faux pas to give 3 twelve-year olds a check. It would, wouldn’t it? Anyway we scrambled and managed to find about $10 for each kid. We might have gotten $5 a driveway when we were kids so considering some inflation it was fair. They were out there for less than an hour so they made more than minimum wage, right?

I don’t know why I feel guilty about how much we paid them because I should have gone out and supervised the situation. They did a good job cleaning the end of the drive. They did not, however, do very well with the sides, giving up near the trunk of my car on one side and the driver side door on the other.

This is pre-shovel BUT you can see those little turds were slackers on the driveway. I’m not upset though, I didn’t have to get cold doing and I didn’t have to feel guilty watching The Man do it. Win-Win in my book, even though I had to give up my laundry cash stash.

The dogs loved the snow the first time but this time they aren’t doing so well.

This is us laying in the snow trying to flatten some of it out so our dogs will actually go to the bathroom. No he’s not sneezing, my fall into snow angel perfection blew a whole bunch of snow up and over him. Oooops. I didn’t mean it! It was near impossible to get up once you were down too.

Our beautiful little trouble makers. On leashes obviously because despite near 3 total feet of snow the brats would make a run for it. I wish we could let them off the leashes but when they smell freedom they are like the wind. We’ve chased them too many times for it to be funny anymore.

Me, You & Dupree is on in the background and more and more I realize that Owen Wilson is not only the worst actor EVER but he’s annoying too. Hollywood is also full of plastic surgeons, why can he not get his nose fixed?


3 Responses

  1. Amazing…you even tipped the house over but those icicles didn’t sag an inch! Ha Ha!

    I’m used to snow. In northeast Rhode Island we had a great Blizzard in Feb. 1978. Biggest storm in my life, it left 48-56 inches behind. No hothead boss, no driving, just Peace On Earth. For a whole WEEK!!. The storm of yesterday was a Dud.

    Thanks from Ralph, http://draaiorgelfan.wordpress.com,
    “Wanted – The Dean Martin Show!”. Cheers!

  2. great pics! some gutter covers and a gutter heater and you will never see icicles again! my parents have one. fabulous 🙂

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