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  • February 2010
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Firstly, I detest the new Facebook. I only use the iPhone version and I don’t get any updates and sometimes my entire feed goes to just one persons updates for the life of their FB page. Very, very uncool Mark Zuckerberg.

Today is Pauly G’s birthday. True to my usual birthday fashion I’m making a bigger deal out of it than he is. I’m extremely passionate about birthdays, it’s the only day that’s yours and yours alone. The only day that everyone you know thinks about you at least once. People call you. They sing to you. You get to make a wish. Every sentence I speak to him today will most likely begin with “Happy Birthday”, that this both makes him special and annoys him only sweetens the pot.  Birthdays are serious biz around our house.

His poor day didn’t start as pleasant as he would have liked and I was extra chipper because of  the day, so it wasn’t my fault. We noticed that we had been victims of a hit and run and some jerk had sideswiped the Mountaineer and taken off the mirror. The car was plowed in so the loser had to seriously drive into a snow bank to do it. I’m disheartened by the lack of humanity in the act. I want to put a big sign on my front yard announcing that whoever hit the car is a total dou*** bag ect. ect. ect. No one is a random driver down our road. If your on our street you most likely use it often. Yes, I think I will do this.

We then realized that the dining room window was leaking, hmmmmm very interesting, that’s never happened before. I truck outside in my little black flats (oops that was freaking cold), shovel in hand to asses the situation. NIIICE the siding is a sheet of ice, rock on. the gutters are frozen, the melting snow on the roof is dripping between the gutter and house, freezing instantly and dripping right on the window ledge. UGH lamesauce. That needs to be chipped away at immediately!

So much for a relaxing birthday!

I’d determined to make him an ice cream cake to make up for it though. How? I have no idea.

Anyway, since it’s his birthday I’m going to publicly declare my undying love in as mushy and gooey a fashion as I possibly can. Ohhh yay, he’s going to loveeee ittt!

Yeah, it probably won’t be that gushy, I’m not exactly a warm and fuzzy kinda gal.

Either way, if you would have asked me nearly 8 years ago if we would have ended up where we are, I never would have guessed. Not only did he totally ignore me after I gave Carlo my phone number to give to him but we both had a rough night before that. Well, I guess according to college standards it was a pretty solid night, myself setting a record for consumption without sickness. He might have set a record but that’s where the similarity ends. (Love you!) Anyway, a week later he called to say thanks and after a couple weeks of hour-long phone calls it was official I had reeled him in.

Now, I’d be lost without him. I wouldn’t even know which way was up. Pathetic? Maybe, I’m like seriously ok with this. He’s the most special person I’ve ever met. His temper is slower than molasses in January. His smile easy to see, you just have to smile at him. He’s a peacemaker and a problem solver. Wait, there are no problems in his world, everything has a solution and freak outs are beyond unnecessary. Laid back. Loving, caring, sweet. Ohhh my lord and you have to see the biceps. Sometimes I ask him to pick up heavy stuff that doesn’t really need to be moved just because it’s nice to watch…swoon!

Now that he’s thoroughly embarrassed, I can call my day fulfilled. No, seriously, I’m not sweet and soft and I don’t whisper anything let alone sweet nothings. So I’m yelling to the interwebs that he’s amazing and I love him and I hope he has the most amazing birthday ever!


2 Responses

  1. Thanks Precious, you know I love you and I don’t mean this in a negative way but the correct spelling is assesS don’t leave off the last “s” for savings, it actually does make a difference.
    Congratulation embarrassment achieved!
    Love you

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