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  • February 2010
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Winter Wonderland

Or Nightmare on Columbia. I’m seriously debating sending my township a letter informing them that there is more than 2 streets (Rt. 29 & 23) in our township.

On Friday when we got home from work we (I) decided I needed to go to the grocery store, not for milk and eggs though. If I was going to be stuck in the house I was going to make the most of it and wanted to make soup and sandwiches.

It was hilarious. Our Giant is rarely packed and I usually never wait in line or park more than 4 spots from the door. We parked approximately a half mile from the door and dodged frantic mothers careening through the parking lot in hopes of getting in and out quickly. Dream on women. I loved it, mostly because I enjoy laughing at people.

I stopped laughing when I realized the meat department had been ravaged by the savages. There wasn’t a single package of ground beef, not a cube steak left. WHAT?!? I need that stuff you psychos! Bring it back, please! I need to make Marlboro Man Sandwiches and I’ve been dying to try them for a month. Please, please, please! My begging did nothing and no butcher suddenly appeared with a fresh stock of steaks. I wept and opted for Steak-Ums. I think the “Ums” in Steak-Ums is from everyone who purchases it saying, “Umm what exactly is it?”

While the Steak-Ums were not the ideal choice for the Marlboro Man sandwiches I made do and the Man talked about them all weekend. I can only imagine how he will feel about them when I use real steak.

Anyway, once the snow started on Friday night we were excited to see the plow trucks already out taking care of the roads. They must have given up though because come Saturday morning our road hadn’t seen a plow in 10 inches. We weren’t going anywhere.

My poor pupper doggers could barely walk in the yard, they still had a blast playing with their cousin Chloë who was staying with us for the weekend. I have pictures for later but I’m working and shockingly there are limits to what I can do here!

Speaking of Mrs. Chloë, this dog is a trip. She plays well with our dogs and doesn’t need a leash and is very laid back. EXCEPT when it comes to hard wood floors, which is our entire house, save for the 5×8 area rug in the living room. The poor dog doesn’t leave that area rug. She stands at the edge with her back legs shaking, looking longingly at the steps and the two other dogs at the top. Occasionally the front paws make it off the rug but those back legs stay frozen in place. You can see the thought process in her eyes, “I really want to be up there, this floor sucks, I can do it, no I can’t, yes I can, I’m a big girl, go for it, no no it’s slippery, ok I’ll just stay here”.

It’s really the saddest sight. So we brought an old sheet down to make a path from the rug to the front door, which allowed her to actually get outside.

The steps were another story. We had to bring the hallway runner downstairs to make a carpeted path to the steps. She would get to the top of the steps and stop, again with shaking and woeful eyes at the bedroom door. We’d drag the runner up the steps and continue the path into the bedroom to a doggie bed, where she wouldn’t move the rest of the night. Whole process to be repeated to get down the steps the next morning. She’s a very thoughtful pup though, religiously stepping to the side to make dragging the 8 ft runner up the steps next to her easier on us.

The poor thing makes you want to cry with her fear. It’s not her fault though, she’s got some bad hips and the slipping and sliding on the hardwood cannot feel good.

Anyway, since I cooked most of the weekend I have 3 awesome recipes to add. I sincerely do not feel like doing it now though so instead you just read the ramblings of my mind for a Monday morning. Bored yet? I am you probably should be too.

Cross your fingers for the next Blizzard of 2010 and a day off work for Wednesday!


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