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  • January 2010
    M T W T F S S
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The Fist Pump and Heartbreak

Goodbye sweet sweet Jersey Shore! I have no idea what Thursday night will bring for us now. Thank goodness it’s on right before bed because my brain usually need to rest and recoup the I.Q. points I lost while watching the show. Its all so very worth it though.

Sammi & Ronnie! Noooo, you were supposed to last forever. I’m very upset at your little spat on the reunion show and would greatly appreciate it if you would kiss and make up. Kthxbi

I’m pretty sure The Man wants to shoot me when we watch Jersey Shore. I become another person entirely. Not on purpose, I swear. He must only be referred to as Pauuly G and the accent gets thick as I strive to live vicariously through them in my cute split in the ‘Ville.

We got into quite the arguement while walking the dogs as I tried to get The Man to fist pump and dance it up like Ronnie. I even demonstrated but The Man simply stared at me. I tried to get him to start low on the ground and beat the beat up then bring it up high, again he stared, giving me some random explanation of how he didn’t know why they start on the ground “beating the beat”. I couldn’t explain this, it just is how it’s done. Jersey Shore KNOWS!

You must understand that I’m the chick who will cartwheel through Walmart or throw food at my sister in a restaurant should the mood strike me. My mother still asks us if we can handle sitting next to eachother, we always say yes and do well for the first few minutes but sure enough it will fall apart. We’re 27 and 20. The Man is the guy who will roll his eyes and comment on my lack of maturity and remind me that I’m fast approaching 30 and should probably work on that. I know he’s laughing inside.

Maturity is over rated. And boring. 

He waltzes, I fist pump. Ahhh he is the half that makes me whole. I’m the half of him that can’t sleep until he gives me at least one side eye.

It’s Friday, I’m pumped 2 whole days of nothing. Hopefully nothing anyway. I’m going to get in touch with my creative side and make cupcake bites. I was thinking of doing the pops but I have visions of cake falling off lollipop sticks and frantic twirrling to keep the chocolate sticking. I think they are super cute! Hopefully it won’t be similar to the wedding favor disaster because that started with the best of intentions and ended in a green over sugared mess. AND a very very hyper dog.

This one will probably be photo worthy.


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