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  • January 2010
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It’s A Love Story

Work is really being disruptive today! I have a bajillion things I need to do and it keeps creeping in with email and phone calls.

Anyway, its time for Martha to move over because I have a new idol. I had seen her mentioned on some message boards and then Christa mentioned her (I believe it was the same woman) and so yesterday I decided to check her out. WOW, she’s awesome and joy to read and I now want to live on a ranch as a ranch wife. Come on’ I know all of you could totally see The Man as a cowboy. I’ve slowly been trying to turn him over the last 7 years.

Her Story

Read it and fall in love along with me. Scroll to the bottom and begin with last link on the page then move up through her life. I started with this page on her website because it’s what sealed the deal for me. I love how she writes, I love the real life love story and I love how her entire life just changed for the love of this cowboy. I’m a sucker for sap and have no shame in that.

Guess what I’m having for lunch? I write a cooking blog so one would assume its some thing super tasty and left over from last night, right? Wrong. It’s Oriental Flavor Ramen from a bag, not even the cup with the freeze-dried veggies. I do love me some Ramen and it graciously kept me full, satisfied and 20 lbs lighter during my 18 month college soiree. Day 3 and it’s no longer satisfying. UGH! I can’t wait to go home and polish off the Monkey Bread!

Last week I received an email from Ms. Christa asking me to look into quick and easy lunches. I thought it was an awesome idea and then she said she was kidding. Oh dear woman, I don’t find this a joke. I think it’s a great idea. I’m dedicating my afternoon to finding easy ideas for lunch that doesn’t involve sliced bread, slimy lunch meat or sodium laden micro meals.

I also need to write something for The Examiner, think of something for dinner tonight and of course finish reading the love of the Pioneer Woman. So beyond this I have tons of other stuff on my plate, mostly mundane things like photo albums and digital scrapbook but speaking of photog stuff I really want to join a 365 Photo group. Maybe 365 is too much for me and I can find a 52 Photo group. Every day is a bit much since I do not touch a computer after 5PM and there are limits to my 8:30 – 5 comp use. Yes, there is don’t argue!

So no recipe today, but it’s all about being well-rounded! Not to mention last night I got lazy and went for the simple and easy Taco Pie


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