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  • January 2010
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My Mission

Is to get myself and the Man a reservation at  Talula’s Table. It looks like an amazing and super fun experience. That fancy loaded 8 course menu doesn’t hurt either.

The reviews of the shop are not all that enticing but reviews of the restaurant are impressive and 5+ star. Most people note that the shop is highly overpriced, but then the entire area of Newtown Square is overpriced, damn main liners!

Anyway, there is a one year wait and only one reservation made per day. That one reservation is the lucky 1st caller to get through at 7am. For example, the person who got through this morning has the only reservation for January 8, 2011.

I’m determined. I must try this place. The one downfall is it’s one table for 8-12 people, which means the Man and I would need to find 6-10 extra people willing to wait a year and pay about $125/person. We will totally use it for an anniversary dinner it’s not like it will be just another night.

Dinners start at 7 and end at 11.

I must get through!!

After dining at Le Bec Fin last year we can’t stop thinking about our next schmancy meal. The fact that I just said schmancy probably tells me that I don’t belong in these types of restaurants but even I can pull it together for a couple hours of the amazing food and service.

Talula’s Table will obviously be a goal for 2011, I wonder what we should try this year. I’ve been thinking about our first anniversary. The city would be preferred because it adds to the date night feel. I don’t want to go to King Of Prussia on date night! The anniversary is quickly approaching, and economic hardship on these high-end places make them a bit more attractive now. Seriously, Ruth’s Chris, one of our FAV steak houses in KOP recently had a “sale” on a 4 course meal for $39.99. The mean included soup, salad, entrée and dessert; it also included their signature filet and rib eye. If you have ever eaten at Ruth’s Chris you know what a spectacular deal this really was.

In late summer Le Bec Fin also did a stimulus meal. Still priced a touch over $50.00 comparatively it was a steal.

I make sure I check my favorite restaurants often leading up to special events, you never know what you might find. Most people would never believe Le Bec Fin had a “sale”!!

**EDIT – Just learned that Morton’s Steakhouse in King of Prussia is having “Dinner For 2” deal for $99.00! This isn’t offered on their menu, as many “deals” aren’t. Print the certificate off of their website and ask the server about details. Offer ends 3/31


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  1. Hey Rach, we are right there with ya on the shmancy meals! Jody and I started a little thing that instead of birthday gifts for each other we take the other out to a nice place of the other’s choice for a good meal. For Jody’s 30th we went to Pod in University City. Yummy! Should also be some sweet deals coming up with Restaurant week in the city next week!

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