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  • January 2010
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2.5 Hours I Will Never Get Back

Very shortly after the Christmas holiday the Man and I decided we needed more kitchen cabinets. The deciding factor for this was my father’s gift to us that I love and cannot use. He gave us a complete set of gorgeous heavy crystal drinking glasses. By complete set I mean 12 goblets, 12 wine glasses and 12 tumblers. Where are they? Sinfully, they are in my garage. It wasn’t just me that was upset by this, the Man was fully on board.

Let me first start by saying I LOVE my house. LOVE it! We have 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom (gasp! who can live with one bathroom these days?), finished basement and a huge corner lot. The yard is what finally sold me it’s huge and perfect for a get together and has the perfect spot for a swing set for future spawn. Sure there is a lot we want to do but thats typical.

Now back to that pesky kitchen. It has one drawer! One single 6 inch drawer! The previous owners took out the drawer cabinet to put in a dishwasher! Un-real, how lazy are people these days. A dishwasher wasn’t even on my “must have” list when we were house hunting. This is my kitchen…

Yep, that’s it, in its entirety. Actually you can’t see the stove & microwave, which is are the left bottom corner. That door off to the right of the fridge is my pantry, it’s about 4 inches wide. That corner cabinet holds ALL the food. The cabinet to the left of the fridge has dishes. This picture was taken in a doorway, the wall directly to the right is empty and 5.5 ft. long, this is where the new cabinets are going and I cannot freaking wait! Oh, you’re thinking about silverware? We have a build yourself H.D. island in that empty corner with 2 drawers, that is all. Oh counters? Yeah, you’re looking at them. BUT I have a kick ass yard!

Back to the topic at hand and my missing 2.5 hours. We went to H.D. (Home Depot) and found the cabinets that were both affordable and MATCHING! Remember, OCD. I have my measurements, I have my design, I know what I need and what I want and what I can afford. We still need to meet with a kitchen designer to order them and the counter. Annoying, just do what I wrote down, save us both the time, PLEASE!

No, she wants to take measurements of the kitchen! Why? We are only doing one wall and it’s 5.5 feet long. Then she builds this elaborate cabinet and counter design with tons of pull outs and options with gorgeous Thomasville Cabinetry. I let her ramble on since she annoyed me in the first 5 minutes by insisting on going through this BS. My eyes are flashing $$ and I’m on the verge of tears. We aren’t freaking millionaires and we don’t live in a McMansion! Simple basic designs are what complete our house.

2 hours in and she says she’s done. With a whopping price tag of near $4000! Yeah woman your off your rocker. I don’t have $4000 to spend on 9 square feet in my home. Putting $4000 into that kitchen is useless and the amount of return would be minuscule. No one shopping in our price range will say, “ohh custom cabinets, ON ONE WALL!” Crack kills, woman.

I snicker inside, hand her my already complete order form with the cabinets we picked out 2 weeks ago that match and fit our budget and wrap it up in 5 minutes. She did convince me to get a custom countertop though so that we could bevel and extend for more space. Don’t worry Mrs. Kitchen Designer you have succeeded in wasting an absurd amount of time on a weeknight.

It’s frustrating when people assume you don’t know what you are doing. I went there with everything picked out to avoid any lengthy discussion of what “could be” and then the depressing discussion of what “can only be”. It just doesn’t make sense to drop that amount of money into something that will offer us very little return. Now adding well over 100 sq. feet by finishing the garage, adding a second entrance and extra storage for a few grand, makes sense.

Either way, our cabinets will be here within a week or two. I cannot wait to get them put up in and finally be able to grocery shop for more than a day at a time and actually have pots and pans IN the kitchen. We are installing them ourselves, which will definitely prove to be interesting!


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